Managing workplace health, safety and well-being is a more challenging endeavour now than ever before. A recent survey showed that UAE employees are among the most stressed in the world.

Technology, which was already changing the workplace, seemed to advance forward at an alarming rate during the pandemic. Mental healthcare came to the forefront of everyone’s attention. Life working remotely, isolated, sedentary and uncertain about the future became the new normal.

Now it’s time to assess the fallout and plan a path forward. For leaders, the question is: what is my role in the lives of my employees? How can I help them so that they can be healthy, happy and high-performing?



Many leaders are so overwhelmed with the peripheral effects of the pandemic—masks, vaccines, hybrid work, etc. They don’t give enough attention to the actual root of the problem. COVID has been, and will continue to be, a very real threat to the health and lives of your employees.

Many employees have not only lost loved ones to the virus. But they also live with a continual fear of its further effects on their lives. Safety is one of mankind’s most basic needs. Without safety, people are in survival mode. And no one in survival mode can effectively learn, work and grow.



With more and more people working from home or in hybrid situations, the conversation around workplace safety is changing. It’s important to be up-to-date on legal policies. You’ll also need to consider the safety challenges of a work-from-home culture. How can you perform a remote safety assessment for your team?

The more sedentary lifestyles don’t hold any immediate, short-term danger. However, their long-term effects can result in poor quality of life and lowered productivity. It’s important for leaders to understand how to counteract the dangers of a sedentary workplace.



Employee happiness has long been considered an important metric in the success of a manager. Studies show that happy employees work more effectively than stressed or unhappy employees.

However, now that the workforce is often scattered between the office and home, employee well-being is less visible. How do you keep in touch with your employees? How do you support them in their well-being?


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