Welcome to OLAM


OLAM offers bespoke HR services for organisations based in Dubai and around the globe. We know how to translate best practices and global standards into pragmatic solutions for your company, allowing you to focus on your core business activities such as growing and expanding your business.

Our comprehensive project management experience will bring new HR projects from the drawing board into the real life. Whether you are an SME or large organisation, we will guide you on the re-design of existing HR initiatives to fit your current or changing business and employee needs. We’ve a proven track record to implement projects within set parameters and deliver high quality results without disrupting daily operations.

Through our specialised productivity and organisation solutions, OLAM increases the engagement, efficiency and performance of SMEs and large companies, especially required during times of uncertainty and change. Our clients have the clarity to focus and achieve KPIs and goals without having to spend a disproportionate amount of time or money and effort on non-core activities. They have successfully mastered these business challenges.

Our coaching programmes have supported employees realising business and process improvements while our executive coaching was developed for senior managers and top executives. Our targeted career coaching programmes have enabled employees and individuals successfully prepare and realise their career transition.

Our clients benefit from OLAM’s extensive international and regional experience, understanding of multi-cultural work environments and knowledge across industries. We can provide expert guidance and effective and tailored support for your HR, project management, productivity and coaching needs.