In this season of spiritual awareness, one of the best ways to elevate our minds is through gratitude. Not only can gratitude practice elevate our happiness levels and well-being, it can elevate our productivity as well.

A happy workplace is a productive workplace. In fact, focusing on employee happiness has raised productivity by 30% in some cases. So, there are several layers of value to promoting happiness through gratitude in the workplace. Here are some tips:


Lead by Example

Expressing gratitude doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, it’s such a simple activity to do that we often overlook its power. Consider creating a reminder for yourself on a daily basis to think about what you’re grateful for in the office.

Reach out to employees on an individual basis. Say a simple “thanks” to them for something that they did that was helpful. Acknowledge the value they added to your day or your project. They’ll feel appreciated and validated. You’ll feel grateful and at peace.


Create a Gratitude Board

Some of the most valuable practices in life, like gratitude, are invisible and intangible. That’s why something like a gratitude wall, board, or online forum is so effective. It gives you a visual reminder of the good things in life. It jars your mind out of negative thinking.

Your office gratitude board can be elaborate and creative, or just a simple bulletin board full of sticky notes. Just make sure to place it somewhere that people walk by every day. So they can experience that daily reminder to be thankful.


Morning Meeting

Everyone could use a little extra support during Ramadan. Consider a morning meeting once a week (not too early though) or even daily during the Holy Month. Keep it short and encouraging. Offer everyone the chance to quickly share one thing they’re grateful for. As the leader, end the meeting by sharing your gratitude for the team.


Provide Thank-You Notes

Create a thank-you note station where employees can easily grab a card and jot a note to someone in the office. Have ecards available for your remote team members. This is a fun way to build relationships and strengthen your team while elevating minds through gratitude.


Volunteer Together

If you have a CSR initiative or approved charity your company supports, now is a great time to gather together as a team and volunteer. Giving has been scientifically proven to improve happiness. Not only does it have a neurological effect on happiness. It also removes focus from yourself and puts it on someone else. By refocusing on others, you reduce the weight of your own burdens, creating a more grateful attitude and spirit.

None of these ideas have to stop after Ramadan. However, now is a great time to start while everyone is in a more spiritual mindset. Maybe your workplace will develop gratitude practices that become lifelong habits and improve happiness for the long term.

This is a time to be gentle with each other, conserve energy and practice cultivating workplace well-being.

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