Searching for a job has often been compared to a full time job. In a year, when redundancies are a daily occurrence, it requires mental strength to stay positive while the pressure of unpaid bills is building up.

It’s therefore vital to target your energy while also being mindful of the need to recharge.

1. Stand out with a quality application.

Don’t send out hundreds of generic, copy paste applications.

2. Use the name of the recruiter.

Especially when applying on LinkedIn, when you see the person’s name and picture, don’t start with “Dear Sir/Mam”. It appears sloppy and just like another mass produced application.

3. Adjust your cover letter and CV.

If you are applying via an ATS, add the key words from the ad to your application. Outline your specific reason for wanting to join the organisation, besides needing to pay bills.
– What interactions did you have with the company already?
– Which event, product, customer services, etc. has impressed you?
– What fascinates you about the role?
Give specific examples.

4. Show how you can contribute to solving the challenges of your future employer.

Answer questions like these to show you’ve done your research and demonstrate your fit:
– What are the current trends in their industry?
– What can they improve in their offerings?
– How can you help them?

5. We all have so many skills.

Remember you are more than your CV! Yet, all too often, candidates simply list them all. With the amount of CVs by published vacancy or unsolicited, link them back to your future employer. If a company had a job ad posted, you’ll see what’s important for them. What experience do you have in that field? Connect it back to your future job.

6. Refresh and upskill.

While there are thousands of online, select a high-impact course. If you have more spare time at your hand and the financial means to pursue it, a certificate or diploma course can help you to deepen your knowledge and stand apart from other candidates. Just remember a training course will not be the holy grail for your job search.

7. Take a break from your job search.

Be constantly on your feet, searching for new opportunity and creating them yourself can be draining. Your friends may have distanced themselves from you. Strengthen your true relationships and meet your friends and contacts over a coffee. Have some fun with your kids and play. Give your eyes some rest and read a book. Go for a walk now that the weather is becoming beautiful in the evening and during the day.

8. Don’t give up!

These times shall pass, too. Until you’ve secured your future role, channel your energy during your job search and record your gratitude in a journal. One day, you will be able to look back on it and acknowledge the enormous challenges you’ve overcome.