Give feedback to help enhance your team’s performance and increase engagement!

How can you set engaging goals, develop your employees and manage performance? With a well-communicated and well-managed performance framework.

Providing timely feedback and focusing on the individual’s strengths are crucial activities for any line manager. Research found a link between an employee understanding how their role impacts business results and increased engagement levels, reduced staff turnover and increased sales. Proactive performance management system strengthens the manager-employee relationship while building internal capabilities contributing to the organisation’s success.

Who should attend?

This programme is aimed at HR Business Partners, HR Managers, HR professionals including specialists focusing on performance, total rewards and talent development, senior managers, line managers, and business owners who want to implement and get the most out of a fair and successful performance management system.

What are the objectives?

Upon completion of the programme, you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • Differentiate between the traditional and the proactive approach towards performance
  • Understand the critical elements of an effective performance management system
  • Create and sustain a performance culture
  • Increase goal-orientation by setting aligned SMART objectives
  • Develop an employee’s strengths and potential for current and future roles
  • Objectively evaluate performance and share feedback
  • Approach challenging conversations in a confident manner
  • Motivate and engage employees with well-communicated performance management.

What we cover?

Over 2 interactive days, you will gain practical knowledge to create a culture of performance. You will receive an overview of motivational theories before diving into the latest concepts of effective performance management. You will learn the key steps of the performance management process and develop your confidence to approach difficult conversation. You will increase your portfolio of skills to lead and engage your employees with timely and constructive feedback.

The programme includes the following modules:

  • Link between performance, engagement and business results
  • Creating a performance culture
    • Keys to success
    • Preparing for change
    • Impacting employee engagement and experience
  • The performance framework and process
  • Defining standards and expectations
    • Establishing behavioural standards
    • Determining critical success factors
    • Developing a performance matrix
  • Setting goals/objectives
    • Alignment to the company’s vision, goals balanced scorecard (BSC)
    • Setting SMART and agile objectives
    • Focusing on the employee’s strengths
  • Motivating your team
    • Understanding individual motivators, attitudes and commitment
    • Applying motivational theories at your workplace
  • Delivering continuous feedback
    • Selecting appropriate sources for feedback
    • Giving effective feedback
    • Receiving feedback
  • Conducting performance discussions
    • Preparing for effective performance discussions
    • Structuring an effective conversation
    • Focusing on future actions and results
  • Managing high performers
    • Identifying high performers and potential
    • Creating opportunities
  • Dealing with difficult people
    • Understanding the factors impacting performance
    • Managing conflict and difficult conversations
    • Creating a performance improvement plan (PIP)
  • Evaluating performance
    • Avoiding common mistakes
    • Individual vs team performance
    • Calibrating performance ratings
  • Recognising and rewarding performance
    • What are effective and motivating recognition programmes?
    • Financial vs non-financial rewards
    • Pay for performance – Yes or no?
  • Developing employees with personal development plans
    • Understanding individual learning styles
    • Supporting an employee’s career path and career aspirations
    • Preparing the individual for internal succession plans
    • Encouraging a growth mindset
    • Coaching and mentoring for success


Date:          16-17 March 2020, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Location:  Downtown Dubai
Fees:          USD 1,350

Lunch, refreshments and programme materials are included in the fee.
Terms and conditions apply. Fee is payable prior to programme start. VAT as per UAE law applies to above prices.

Programme details

This course has ended. Please contact us to find out about future dates.