With temperatures rising, it’s important to remember how easily overheating and dehydration can creep in. Since most people spend the majority of their waking hours at work, hydration in the workplace plays an essential role in employee health and well-being. Hydration can also increase productivity by 14%.

The great news is, it’s easy and cost-effective to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep everyone in the office properly hydrated. Here are a few tips.


Give Them Access

One of the main deterrents of people not drinking more water at work is lack of access. Their office may not provide filtered water, so they have to remember to buy a bottle on the way to work or just go without. You can make it easy for them to access water by either installing filters on the kitchen taps or using a water service to keep coolers of water on every floor.


Give Them an Education

Most people understand that water is essential. But in the overwhelm of the day-to-day life, they still neglect hydration. Have a quick, fifteen-minute meeting to emphasise the importance of staying hydrated. Let them know that you support and encourage proper hydration. Remind them that hydration affects memory, focus, attention, mood and wellbeing. And unfortunately no, coffee does not substitute water to hydrate.


Give Them a Gift

If you haven’t already done so, or if you haven’t done it recently, invest in some company-branded thermal cups for your employees. It’s a great gift and it encourages keeping water at their desk during the workday. It also keeps the water cold, if they want, which is helpful when working conditions get uncomfortably warm.


Give Them a Challenge

Host a 30-day challenge encouraging everyone to drink 100 ounces of water per day. For extra fun, offer prizes to those who complete in excellence. Consider offering a free printable tracker such as this one to help your employees keep track and stay accountable. Alternatively, use company-sponsored FitBits to record and track their water intake.


Give Them Snacks

It is possible to get up to 20% of your needed water through hydrating foods like fruits and vegetables. Create a melon bar or bring in some berries once in a while to give your employees an energy boost while helping them stay hydrated. Little cherry tomatoes double function as great pop snacks.

It’s easy to make your employees feel seen and cared for when you take care of the basics like hydration. Follow these ideas or come up with your own to make your workplace an oasis in the summer heat.

Could your company benefit from a holistic and sustainable well-being programme? Yes, but you don’t have the resources to organise and maintain it? Contact us. We work with small to mid-sized companies to fill in the gaps in your forward-looking programmes while staying within your organisation’s budget.