One of the most important roles of a leader is to develop leadership skills in others. As a leader, it’s your job to identify and develop other leaders within your organisation. You hold the vision and set the direction for those working under you. You also set the example for how to behave, and you create culture by your actions.

And that’s a lot of pressure. Having a third party with an objective view come in and offer ideas and guidance can take a lot of stress off your shoulders. It can also help you see more clearly and lead more decisively.

There are several reasons you should focus on executive coaching as you move your company forward.


Because the pandemic has left everyone confused…

As leaders, we’re often focused on results. Not too long ago, your company was probably a well-oiled machine. You had everyone in place doing what they were supposed to do. And then a virus swept the world and sent everything into chaos. Your employees went home and they didn’t want to come back. Mental health issues came to light. Progress on pay equity was set back.

Yet, your need for measurable results is the same as always. But the method for achieving those results has become more complicated. Working with an executive coach can help the leaders in your company reframe how they view their roles and the roles of their employees.


Because leaders are made, not born…

Even people with strong leadership abilities can’t be expected to step up and lead without training. Management is much more complicated than many people believe. When someone becomes a manager, they suddenly find they have to communicate in two directions, up and down. Not only do they have to guide their team to results, they also have to answer to their higher-ups. And true leadership requires even more.

Executive coaching is there to guide these communication processes. They can help synthesise everyone’s perspectives to create an aligned path forward that benefits everyone and the business.


Because what got you this far won’t take you to the next level… 

There are certain landmarks in a company’s growth where things just break. What was working before is no longer working. One Harvard Business School article talks about what happens about the time you reach 100 employees:

“At this stage, you are probably managing managers, and more than ever
have to empower your leaders to, well, lead!” 

Executive coaching is essential to helping your managers develop those leadership skills as fast as possible. So, your company can continue to grow and scale.


Because vision and progress happen from the top down…

The worst thing a leader can do is stay in the work. They have to learn to empower and trust their employees. Guide them rather than micromanage them. Translate the overall vision of the company into measurable results.

By focusing on improving your managers’ ability to lead with clarity, you’re setting your business up for sustainable change.

If you can only focus on one thing for your company’s growth, focus on developing your leaders. This will create sustainable, compounding results that will ultimately lead to a stronger bottom line.

Make leadership development part of your HR strategy. Empower your leaders to guide, coach and develop their team members. Contact us and find out how we can support you with our tailored leadership development programmes, coaching your leaders to success.