By now, it’s common knowledge that consumers are more likely to buy products from companies with a reputation for giving back. A recent CONE Gen Z Purpose study revealed that 72% of Gen Z believe companies have more responsibility than ever before to affect social justice. 75% of them will research a company to see if it’s being honest about its CSR efforts.

Additionally, there have been studies for several years, indicating that Millennials want to work for corporations whose values align with their own. They’ll even make a point and reject jobs because of a company’s lack of social responsibility.

The great news for UAE companies is that the UAE is quickly developing a strong reputation as the most active Middle Eastern country in CSR. More and more companies are moving beyond CSR as an occasional charitable act and integrating it into their business strategy.

Here are 5 organisations and events your company can get involved with this year:


Plastic free July

In honour of the global initiative to reduce the use of plastics worldwide, consider gathering your employees together for a brainstorming session. See what ideas they have that your company can implement to permanently reduce your use of plastics.

CSR isn’t only about charitable acts and donations. It’s also about your company culture and what you can do to show your employees and customers that you are taking action to better their future.


Help school kids

Your company can partner with an organisation like Dubai Cares which offers several volunteer opportunities for promoting education. Whether it’s installing desks and whiteboards, assembling school kits for children in need or supporting summer camps for low-income children, your company can make a difference in the lives of children which has ripple effects well into the future.


A day at the beach

Join the ranks of companies like L’Oreal, Gucci, Abbot and Mondelez by taking your employees outside to show the environment some love.

A beach clean-up activity not only helps your company with CSR compliance. It’s a fun team-building activity. 18 September is World Clean-up Day. Mark your calendar for a day outdoors.


Link your CSR to charity challenges

Got some adventurous or athletic employees on your team? Consider participating in an approved charity challenge such as Gulf for Good’s Everest Base Camp in October or their Cycle the Eastern Emirates event in December.

Not only will your company be participating in a helpful CSR activity, your employees will also enjoy overcoming challenges, exercising and growing together as a team.


Wear pink

Host a Pink Caravan fundraiser to help spread awareness, improve medical access and lobby for change around breast cancer.

This is an area of medicine where information can make a huge impact. When detected early, breast cancer is highly curable. Rally your team to join the fight and make a difference in the lives of women all over the world.


Ask your team

Not sure where to start or what initiatives fit best with your company’s mission? Consider asking your employees. They likely have strong feelings about many areas of need.

Tapping into their existing passions is a great way to show you care about them. It will boost morale and improve retention rates. It also makes them more likely to participate wholeheartedly.

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