Dubai’s Fitness Challenge is starting again this Friday, 30 October 2020. For 30 days, we are encouraged to get up and be active for just 30 minutes. New habits can be formed within 21 to 66 days, making this year’s 30×30 a wonderful opportunity to get started.

What’s your 30?

There are numerous activities which we can pursue while keeping social distancing. Which one will you include in your corporate 30×30 plan?

Meditative movement like Qigong and Tai Chi are traditional Chinese exercises can be performed almost anywhere and by anyone. While Tai Chi started as self-defence, it is now also focusing on breathing and relaxation. Both forms use rhythmic physical movements and appear like slow-motion dancing, making them ideal low-impact exercises. While meditative movement focuses and centres the mind, studied found them also to alleviate depressive symptoms and increase muscle strength, flexibility and balance.

Show stamina through a decathlon. The disciplines of an Olympic decathlon are challenging to imitate at most companies. Instead, choose different ones to reflect the talents in your organisation. Ask your employees through an online survey like Survey Monkey for favoured disciplines or let them vote on pre-selected ones. If you are working from different locations, create an online leader board.

A quick round of office table tennis can be fun and energising. Transfer your meeting room table, set up a smaller net and grip the mini racket. The fast nature of the game helps to keep the brain active. Players can predict where the ball could go based on their experience. They need to decide how they’ll play the ball within seconds, just like decisions need to be made in real life.

Send your employees on a scavenger hunt around town. In a traditional scavenger hunt, everybody has to follow the same clues and is looking for the same treasure. In this version, employees will have to perform various physical activities.

Host video sessions for your team. Similar to body coach Joe Wicks holding regular live session during lockdown, companies have arranged their own fitness videos. Individuals who have a special interests or are even qualified as sports coaches have offered their time and are conducting live sessions. Others record their workout activities and employees can exercise whenever and wherever it suits them.

Involve your employees’ families

30×30 isn’t just for employees and companies can include family members, too. Dance session work well for family members of all ages. Add a microphone and you got your own version of “The Voice”.

Create a race to the top. Have everyone walk or run up the stairs in your home. How many times will they need to run upstairs to get to the top of Burj Khalifa?

Burn some energy with yoga. Notice how calm it makes you and your family.

Strengthen your team’s bond and engagement. Contact us and learn how we can support you with cost-effective and impactful wellbeing initiatives.