5 ways to celebrate year end with your team online

5 ways to celebrate your team online

Recognise your team’s achievements during your year end celebrations. These celebrations offer a great opportunity to reflect on the entire year and acknowledge the accomplishments. Throughout the year, your employees have contributed to the survival and growth of your organisation in a new setting. You all have tackled and overcome challenges that you probably didn’t … Continue reading 5 ways to celebrate year end with your team online

How to introduce career conversations

Traditionally, performance discussion focused on the past. While goals were set at the beginning of the performance cycle, managers all too often dreaded giving feedback or discussing developmental opportunities. Training departments have created and executed effective leadership development programmes. For many managers, it has paid off. They are comfortable providing constructive feedback. Guiding their team … Continue reading How to introduce career conversations

4 Impactful wellbeing initiatives

4 impactful workplace wellbeing initiatives

Keeping their business afloat and employees safe have been the major challenges for many organisations this year. While some companies have decided to continue working from home, leaders are still looking for effective employee wellbeing initiatives that connect the individual and the team. These initiative take almost no budget and can be held on-site or … Continue reading 4 Impactful wellbeing initiatives