Employment Law

Review your HR processes to remain legally compliant

It’s too easy to forget about gaps in a process until it’s too late. Employment contract weren’t signed or are missing. Annual leave is not recorded. An employee left but their visa hasn’t been cancelled. Beneficiary for life insurance have been left blank or not...

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Retirement – are your employees saving enough?

The cost of living is rising, VAT will be introduced shortly, merit increases are expected to remain flat. Is it surprising that employees worry about their finances? Probably not, but you may be shocked that it’s taking 81 minutes away from them every working day!...

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Keep your employee files up-to-date

How often have you looked for a specific document in an employee’s file only to find it missing? How often have you seen your HR team keep confidential documents laying on their desk after work? How often have you discovered a bunch of employee documents in the drawer...

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