Recognise your team’s achievements during your year end celebrations. These celebrations offer a great opportunity to reflect on the entire year and acknowledge the accomplishments. Throughout the year, your employees have contributed to the survival and growth of your organisation in a new setting. You all have tackled and overcome challenges that you probably didn’t envision 12 months ago. It’s time to celebrate you and your team!

A virtual year end party doesn’t need to be another boring Zoom call. Bring some fun and strengthen your team bonds. Here are 5 relaxing ways you can celebrate online:

Present the year in pictures

Create a slideshow with the activities, events and achievements of 2020. All too often, we focus on the most recent events. In a year that was as eventful as this one, a chronical can highlight the obstacles and wins around the world and within your organisation.

Hold an awards ceremony

Forget the traditional best sales person award. Choose some fun categories like “best joke teller”, “best singer” or “best Zoom background”.

Host a talent show

During the lockdown earlier this year, you may have learnt more about your team members. Zoom was giving you a peak into their home. Do you know the hidden talents of your team members? Let them show case their special skills in short 1-3 minute long sessions.

Play a team game

Arrange a virtual quiz or find your way out of a virtual escape room. Team-building doesn’t only take place in person. Have some fun as you together solve a mystery.

Send a gift package

Gift your team members a plant for their home. If you want a more hands on present, send a mug with coffee, tea or cocoa powder and a baking set (with all the ingredients). Bake some cookies together in special team session.

Year end celebrations don’t have to stop when you’re spread across a city, country or even the world. Use this time to say thank you in fun and impactful ways, also with a small budget.

Adjust your employee recognition programme for the new normal. Increase your employee engagement with meaningful rewards. Contact us and find out how we can create a programme fit for your company, culture and budget.