Ramadan is soon upon us. As required by law, companies will reduce the daily working hours by 2 and historically, life slowed down during that time. Yet, this year, companies are looking to make a difference during the Holy Month. Just as businesses are focusing on sales, Ramadan is a wonderful period for team activities. Whether virtual or in person, these are our top five activities for 2021:

1. Start a reading challenge.

Ramadan is, amongst other aspects, about reflection and self-improvement. Why not read the works of a Muslim author? Explore a new topic and discuss it with the rest of the team. Book clubs at work allow participants to also see a new side to their colleagues. In addition, reading fiction increases problem-solving skills and learning agility, according to Harvard Business Review.


2. Gather for a virtual Iftar.

Various restaurants started delivering Iftar meals last year. Given the current health protocols, large Iftar gathering won’t be permitted. Host a virtual Iftar and make use of the delivery options. If your team member is living with their family, include them in your event.


3. Hold a “How well do you know the UAE” quiz.

Your team is most likely made up of a mixture of individuals, similar to the diversity of the UAE. Some members may have been brought up in the country. Others may have moved here in recent years. How much do they know about the country we call home (for now)?


4. Get moving.

Walking after a meal has numerous benefits. It helps to digest the meal, can reduce blood pressure, lower blood sugar and possibly prevent diabetes. Walking in the evening has also been attributed to better sleep. While these benefits are great, spur on your team with a little challenge. Decide on a team distance, for example from Dubai to Abu Dhabi (140km), and the length of the activity (e.g. 10 days).


5. Share a picture.

During Zoom calls, you may have accidentally seen your team’s kids and pets. Let’s make it official! Introduce them to the team in a fun picture. What did your cat do that made you laugh? Share these moments with the team and strengthen your work community. If your team agrees, share the pictures on your social media sites. Give an insight into your culture and use it to attract talent.


Deepen the bond in your team with these activities. Notice how they increase your team’s well-being but also productivity. Find out how we can support you building high-performing teams. Benefit from trusting leaders and highly engaged employees who are laser focused on achieving common goals. Contact us today!