Keeping their business afloat and employees safe have been the major challenges for many organisations this year. While some companies have decided to continue working from home, leaders are still looking for effective employee wellbeing initiatives that connect the individual and the team.

These initiative take almost no budget and can be held on-site or remotely.

Launch a book club

While audiobooks have become popular, many still like the touch and feel of reading a book. Book clubs help individuals to connect and participate in engaging discussions about the book.

Decide whether you want to talk about business or business-related books or fictional stories. Jumping into another character has proven to increase an individual’s ability to understand different viewpoints.

Have mindfulness sessions

Mindful exercises don’t have to be long. Even one minute of consciously connecting with one of your senses can be effective.

Short exercises before a meeting can sharpen your focus and awareness, resulting in better quality participation. To make a mindset shift, be daring and have all meeting attendees participate in a quick mindful exercise. Let it become part of your company culture.

Create a healthy company cookbook

“What’s for dinner?” It’s become a dreaded question. Ask employees to share their favourite healthy recipes and compile them in a company cookbook. Your employees will be excited to see their name in print and try out a new recipes.

Take it one step further and work with your health insurer and broker. They often provide information sessions about nutrition, healthy snacks and selecting smart substitutes. Arrange these sessions for your staff and notice how their food choices led to better health.

Plant a wellbeing garden

Cultivating a green space in the workplace brings true joy. Seeing the plants and produce grow is gratifying and lets employees experience greater happiness at work.

Especially with the cooler temperatures, explore whether part of your outdoor area can be transformed to a serene and fruitful area. Try a pot on a little balcony or even kitchen garden for your WFH employees.

Focusing on your employees’ wellbeing translates in greater engagement and a quality employee experience. This will in return create deeper team relationships, stronger customer services and increased customer satisfaction. Wouldn’t you want to include wellbeing initiatives into your HR agenda if it helps your business to stabilise and grow? Contact us and learn how we can support your personalised wellbeing initiatives.