The UAE is leading the way in creating a culture of happiness and well-being both at the government level and in the private industry. The idea is not only that people deserve to be happy. A happy workforce benefits organisations in many different ways, too. It raises morale, boosts engagement, and improves relationships among colleagues, customers and the company itself. Customers value companies that show true concern for their employees. Happy employees boost customer confidence.

It doesn’t take too much logic to see the value of workplace well-being initiatives and how that value can translate into a stronger bottom line. It’s to everyone’s advantage to promote happiness and well-being.

Here are 15 ideas for free or inexpensive well-being initiatives you can implement in your company:

  1. Walking Wednesday: It’s completely free to organise a weekly walking activity. Not only does this promote good health in employees, which can result in lower health care costs for the company. It also boosts endorphins which elevates happiness levels.
  2. Book club: If you have employees who enjoy reading, this is a fun activity. It benefits their minds and helps them strengthen their relationships with each other.
  3. Make lunch breaks mandatory: When it comes to lunchtime, employees often have a hard time prioritising their health. Especially if there is a pile of paperwork that still needs doing. Mandatory lunch breaks allow them to take the time for themselves that they need without feeling guilty or rushed.
  4. Open the window blinds and bring In some plants: Natural light and plants have the ability to reduce stress and anxiety. Besides that, they improve the quality of air and reduce eyestrain, headaches and drowsiness.
  5. Set up social events: Positive employee relationships is a factor in workplace happiness and well-being. But employees don’t often have time during the day to get to know each other on a social level. Setting up social events during work hours allows them to strengthen their relationships without cutting into their off-time.
  6. Provide professional development: The best employees are the ones who are driven and motivated to be better at their jobs. Providing them with educational opportunities makes them a better employee while it gives them a sense of pride and ownership in their job.
  7. Implement flexible work hours: Last year’s pandemic and lockdown taught us all how to work remotely. Now that the familiarity with that technology exists, companies can use it to start work from home days. Alternatively, customise work hours. We understand not everyone is ready for 100% flexibility.
  8. Create volunteer opportunities: Employees feel happier when they have the opportunity to give back. This also works as a team-building event, and it keeps your company CSR compliant.
  9. Install apps that reduce eye strain: There are several programs that adapt a computer’s colour temperatures to the time of day to reduce eye strain and associated headaches.
  10. Bikes and bike trails: Create a bike trail around your company’s property, if you have a large premise. Allow them to borrow company bikes. If it’s safe enough to cycle, encourage them to ride their bike to work. Alternatively, create walking tracks.
  11. Post nurse hotline: Post your insurance company’s nurse hotline around the office. Keeping the hotline at the front of employees’ minds helps reduce unnecessary trips to clinics or hospitals.
  12. Promote cancer screenings: Set up cancer screenings through your insurance company. There are so many diseases that, when identified early, are easily treated. You can improve your employees’ quality of life and show them that their company cares about them.
  13. 15 For 90: Encourage employees to take a 15-minute break for every 90 minutes of work. Studies show that these breaks actually improve productivity.
  14. Prioritise mental health: If an employee is showing signs of frustration or overwhelm, show them that their health matters. Encourage them to take a walk or a break.
  15. Provide career development services: Many employees see their jobs as a part of a larger journey. By offering career development, you show that you value them enough to invest in their growth.

Could your company benefit from a consistent well-being program? Yes, but you don’t have the resources to organise and maintain it? Contact us. We work with small to mid-sized companies to fill in the gaps in your HR programmes while staying within your organisation’s budget.