Identify whose children will continue their schooling online. Will they or another family member need to support the children? What support do these employees need? Are they looking for reduced hours, a compressed work week or flexible shifts? Consider using annual leave to give the employee more time and reduce your company’s liabilities. Decide what support you can offer. Not every role needs to be worked during the regular hours. One option is to split the working day into 2 parts: The first part is to be worked before home schooling starts and the second part afterwards. Outline any roles which would not qualify for flexible working. Create a shift plan ensuring business continuity. Offering flexible working options can increase coverage hours for your customers. Try out the new working pattern. 30 days a generally regarded as a reliable testing period. Reflect after each week. What’s working well? What needs to be adjusted? Be empathetic. There may be times when additional support may be required or a child joins an online meeting. Set expectations. Some managers may still not be comfortable with remote teams. Maintain formal and informal checkins while avoiding micromanagement. Decide on the (new) communication norms.