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Leadership & Wellbeing Coaching Programme for Women

A 3-month live leadership & wellbeing coaching programme for women who are ready to make big changes in both their professional and personal lives. You know that focusing on yourself will make big shifts in your life, but the problem is: You feel stuck. You know...

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Upcoming Webinar “Leading with Empathy”

Join us via Zoom on Sunday, 15 November 2020 at 5:00 pm UAE. This year has given us more challenges than we ever expected. As leaders, we are continuously tested when guiding, motivating and engaging our teams. Emotional intelligence and empathy can be powerful tools...

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Organisational Transformation

Are you trying to navigate through an environment of unprecedented change and exponential levels of disruption? You need a new business and people strategy that helps you survive and also thrive! We, OLAM Group together with Trailblazer Consulting, are delighted to...

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Introduction to Total Rewards

It’s more than just numbers Effective total rewards strategies set any company apart from its competition. Understand new approaches to creating the ideal rewards mix for your organisation to attract, motivate, engage and retain its workforce. Learn how you can...

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Managing Performance

Give feedback to help enhance your team’s performance and increase engagement! How can you set engaging goals, develop your employees and manage performance? With a well-communicated and well-managed performance framework. Providing timely feedback and focusing on the...

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